-day 3 outlook in plains sunday.- (photo courtesy: storm prediction center-norman ok.)

Looking over the very latest computer models and data and the latest infomation from The Storm Prediction Center this morning. It appears we are in for a very active period over the next 7 days across the country across the mid and eastern half of the US.

We had golf ball sized hail during the overnight hours in north georgia. That has since moved away, however more activity is expected this afternoon and evening across north and central ga. I think we will see some Severe Weather today in GA really anywhere across our area. These thunderstorms may develop right on top of you and may contain more large hail, damaging thunderstorm winds to 60 mph, heavy rain, and dangerous cloud to ground lightining.
I think most of this weekend will be fair, maybe one or two storms here and there, but expecting more activity next week as a storm system, very strong, will move from out west into and across the southeast. I think again, as i’ve said already this year, both here and on my broadcast that this will be a very active tornado season across not only the plains states but ga as well. This pattern is blaimed on La-Nina which is still very active into summer. The peak of any tornado outbreaks appears to be in late April. Although there will be severe weather outbreaks before and after then.

There looks like this morning that the begining of this outbreak may accur around Sunday morning, maybe even saturday night, across the plains states. Already The Storm Prediction Center has placed portions of TX-OK-KS (seen above) in a moderate risk for severe Sunday and Monday with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes the main threats. Although the outlooks are not calling for widespread flooding across the region this spring, tornadoes WILL be likly!

Please- prepare today anywhere you live in case severe weather stricks soon. Have a place of safty to goto. And take a NOAA Weather Radio with you. And of course, take us with you to your storm shelter as well. Buy fresh batteries today for your flashlights, radios, ect. Have some water and snacks to take to shelter with you and it’s always good to plan ahead and think about the kids. Your kids can get very scared during an event like this. Ensure them to remain calm. And have a book, or a game for them to do while the storm is passing.

Stay with us for continuing coverage of these events over the next week as conditions warrent. We will go LIVE as soon as major Severe Weather threatens the plains states and of course GA.


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