Remembering Dick Clark


[UPDATED: 11:56 AM ET THURSDAY 4/19/12]

Dick Clark died Wednesday afternoon of a massive heart attack at age 82. This after he suffered a stroke in 2004 and before then, developed type 2 diabetes.

I remember as alot of people today, Dick Clark. He was a great man that changed America and music forever! I remember watching “American Bandstand” as a child and watching one of my favorite all time game shows, “The $25,000 Pyramid”! And later watching “TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes”!
And of course every new years eve, you would turn on the TV and see him bring in the new year as he counted down the last seconds of the old and brought great music every new years!

It’s already been said many times but i’ll say it again because it’s so true, There will never be another Dick Clark. For those of you that are the age of my daughter, 12, and younger, only knew an old man that could not talk well anymore because of his stroke. But since the 1950’s, Dick Clark changed TV and Music forever! He did some things that he was told would never work. Such as introducing Black music to a White auidiance. Such “Newbees” such as, Arthia Franklin, Chubby Checker, and a new group at that time called, The Jackson 5.

Clark also introduced us to all types of music from rock, soul, rap, r&b, heavy metal, country and more! I remember watching American Bandstand mostly in the 80s, along with his other shows mentioned above. But he also produced, directed, created he done it all! He created the American Music Awards in 1987 up against the Grammy’s and alot of people said that would not work and the AMA’s have been on the air now for over 30 years!

The world as lost a great man with great talent today. There will never again in history be another Dick Clark. RIP and “So long for now!”

David Dutton
Channel 1 Atlanta


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