#BREAKING- George Zimmerman released from #FL jail this morning #trayvon #trayvonmartin


[UPDATED: 2:54 AM ET MONDAY 4/23/12]

George Zimmerman was released in the dead of night from a Florida jail around midnight et late Sunday night according to a email statement from local police early this morning. Zimmerman was with an unknown man as he left jail on a $150,000 bond. Sources say, he was released at this time so news choppers would not be able to follow him and he could be taken to a secure location for his safety.

Sources say that Zimmerman may hide, out of the state of Florida. He must not leave the country however according to a Florida judge at his bail hearing last Friday. Zimmerman is wearing a ankle bracelet that is being monitored 24 hours a day and he has a 7pm to 6am curfew.

Zimmerman is accused of shooting and killing Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. He has admitted to the killing and will remain out on bond until the trail, pending he does not violate terms that were discussed at Friday’s bail hearing. Zimmerman gave up his pasport at that hearing.

He also said he was “sorry” for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin to Martins parents Friday who were also at the hearing.

Stay with Channel 1 Atlanta for live team continuing coverage of this developing story, here on our website, on Twitter (@channel1atlanta), and on our Live Breaking News Channel on USTREAM.


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