#BREAKING #GA Soldier seriously injured in #Afghanistain


[UPDATED: 1:04 PM WEDNESDAY 4/25/12]

Channel 1 Atlanta has learned that a Georgia Soldier was seriously injured by a bomb in Afghanistian Sunday. His Army vehicle he was in was the traget of a roadside bomb.

Justin Lansford, a 2007 Brookwood grad, lost his left leg to an amputation after the explosion. Crews said Lansford is on a ventilator because of a punctured lung, and also has a lacerated liver, two broken femurs and multiple broken bones in his right leg. He is currently being treated at a field hospital, but will be sent to a Germany Regional Hospitol Thursday.

A family spkoesman said, that the soldier “was driving a Humvee into a firefight to save another stranded platoon when their Humvee was disabled. Justin’s Humvee hit an IED, the force of which flipped his vehicle almost 50 feet off the road.”

Lansford is a former Brookwood High School student.


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