[UPDATED: FRIDAY MAY 11TH 2012 @ 11:25 PM ET]

Channel 1 Atlanta has learned that Police in Warner Robins GA tell local media that Kit Colburn has been found safe; is back home; and has no signs of past or current abuse! More from local station WMAZ.

Police in Warner Robins GA are pleading for the whereabouts of a missing 10 year old boy. Police say Kit Colburn apparently ran away from school yesterday morning just after 8:45 as has not been seen since.

Since then, dozens, if not hundreds of volunters, from all over have been helping in the search. Reports say people have been even bringing food and drink up to the police as they continue thier search out in the field. Members of Robins AFB have also joined in the search.

Warner Robins police chief Brett Evans says the disappearance of 10-year-old Kit Colburn raises a lot of questions.

One of them, he said, involves the attitude of the missing boy’s father.

He said father Kenneth Colburn has not seemed concerned about his son’s safety, and Evans says that raises a “red flag” for him. The chief did not explain further.
But he said there’s no sign the boy was abducted.

Evans also said the boy’s mother is in prison in another state. He would not provide further details.

But the Arizona Department of Corrections web site shows that Sherry M. Colburn is in a state prison, convicted of identity theft and other charges. He said there’s been no contact between her and the rest of the family in a year and a half.

Ken Colburn, Kit’s father, tells local media, that his son ran off because he thought he was going to get in trouble at school. He said he believes Kit knows people are searching for him and is hiding.

Warner Robins police say they have expanded the search for Kit Colburn to the entire police.

They say they have thoroughly covered the original search area, a two-mile circle around Fountain Park.

Meanwhile, police are warning volunteers to stay in their cars and out of the way of law enforcement officers looking for a missing 10-year-old.

Police spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh says in some cases, the volunteers have slowed the search somewhat.

She said official search crews last night used thermal-imaging technology to look for 10-year-old Kit Colburn in woods near the Russell Elementary School.

She said the search turned up some false “hits” that turned out to be volunteers searching in the woods. But search teams had to take the time to verify that that wasn’t Kit.

They say people also walking through the woods may also cover Kit’s trail or scene.

This morning, authorities said more than 130 military public safety officers are involved in the search, along with almost 250 volunteers from the community.

Kit Colburn is a 10 year old white male. 4-foot-10 inches tall and weighing 70 pounds.
He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a tan or off-white shirt with a design and dark-colored shorts.

Police say the boy was sent to the school office, but instead walked out of the building.
The school is located just north of Russell Parkway east of Kimberly Road.

A statewide Levis Call and/or Amber Alert has not been issued due to the fact that police believe the child has not been abducted.

If you have any infomation on this case, you are urged to call 911 right away.


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