UPDATE | UNION COUNTY #MS | Adam Mayes found Dead; Children ALIVE!



The 2 children have now been released from a local hospitol after crews found Adam Mayes dead of a gunshot wound ealier this week. The 2 children were unharmed, still ALIVE when they were found in a rual home in Union County MS. Police said that there was only water found in the home and no food.

The 2 children were taken to the hospitol shortly after this ordeal ended to be checked out.

There are reports tonight that Adam Mayes was charged in 2010 on Sexual abuse charges. There is no word that he done anything to the children. An investigation continues including police talking to the 2 girls.

Meanwhile; Adam Mayes mother and wife remain in jail and have been charged with murder and kidnapping in this case.

The FBI has now placed Adam Mayes on thier 10 most wanted list. Mayes is the man who kidnapped a mother and her 3 children in late April from TN. Then on April 27th 2012, the mother and oldest daughter were found dead in a rual home in MS.

Along with being placed as part of America’s Most Wanted by the FBI, a $175,000 reward is now being offord for the whereabouts of Adam Mayes and the 2 youngest children of the the mother who was murdered. The 2 youngest children are believed to be still alive at this hour.

If you have any infomation in this case you are urged to call 911 right away. These 2 girls lifes may depend on it.

For Continuing Coverage on this still developing story. Stay with Channel 1 Atlanta here on our website, follow us on Twitter @ channel1atlanta, and join us on our new 24/7 News Channel by clicking on the Watch Live link in the above tabs bar.


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