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[UPDATED: SUNDAY MAY 13TH 2012 @ 5:57 AM ET]

I just wanted to wish every mom out there a Happy Mother’s Day! I really mean that! I don’t want to make this is sad day, but i just wanted you to know that not all can be celobrated today. You see this is a bad day for me. I lost my mom 7 years ago in 2005 of Cancer. She was 70.

Her name was Grace Dutton, born in Atlanta, GA. she came from a poor family of 13 brothers and sisters, most have also passed. She had to do everything growing up. Yes, her mom, my grandmother, Dessie Hill did what she could, but grandma needed help with all the little ones running around. You see mama was one of the oldest. She had no internet, phone, or anything like that. This was the 1930’s, 40’s ara and times were really tuff. Not like tuff like some say they are nowday’s.

She done everything to help grandma to raise a family from her earliest years. From cooking and cleaning to even having to chop wood to even empty the bucket in the out house. No there was no indoor bathroom. As she grew up in hard times and eating beans and cornbread everyday, Mama later met my dad, Edward Dutton who came here from Alabama. He grew up poor and in a shack there in Eufala.

Mom & Dad later would get married and found there first home in oldtown Atlanta, GA back in the 1950’s.

Then, over the years they had 4 children, Darrell M. Dutton who served our country in the US Army for over 20 years and he had a great family as well with a wife and 2 children. After they retired to Florida years later, his wife Helen died of Cancer and my brother died of a heart attack not too long after. We believed, he greaved his self to death over Helen becuase they were alway’s so much in love.

Then came son # 2, Edward Dutton Jr. who was famous in his teens and early adult life for fast cars, beer, and singing. He had a voice like Elvis but just never went out and made on song. He was an experianced painter most of his life. My brother passed away a few years ago. Was found dead in is home.

Then Mom had son # 3, His name was Jerry Lee Dutton. He passed away at birth.

And finally i came along! I was said to be a miriacle, since it was less than a year after Jerry died. We all have had good days and bad as i family. I seen alot growing up, but i will never forget my Mama, or Dad, as they were both the best you could ever ask for!

I wrote this blog today just to let you know a little about my Mama on this Mother’s Day. You see, this helps me continue to heal. 🙂
And to let you know that if have not lost your Mother, call her, goto her house, do somthing for her today. You dont really have to spend a dime. Just let her know in some way that you love her, because you never know if this will be the last Mothers Day!

For those of you who have lost your mother, i feel your pain! And it’s a pain that i don’t think you will ever get over. It’s been 7 years now for me. Time does indeed heal your wounds, and it’s not as bad as it was in the very begining, but dates such as today, Christmas, A song, a place, a smell, will alway’s remind you of your Mother. And in a way and guess that’s a good thing if you think about it, because it’s yourself letting you know how much you really loved her!

I think this is the longest post i’ve ever done! But it was worth it; this came from my heart. I have made a specail video about my mother and Mother’s Day just for my Mother for today! You can see it now, HERE!

Thank you and again i did’nt mean to make anyone sad on this Happy Day, just let your Mom know that you love her today while you still have a chance!

David Dutton
Owner, DJ, Blogger
Channel 1 Atlanta


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