#BREAKING | #GA | #SC | #FL | #Tropical #Storm #Beryle head toward #Jacksonville

(PHOTO: National Weather Service )


A *TROPICAL STORM WARNING* remains in effect today across all of the Georgia coast along with portions of the South Carolina coast and Northeast Florida. At 11am edt this morning, Tropical Storm Beryle was packing winds up to 45 mph and the National Hurricane Center says that a little more strengthening is possible over the next 24 hours. A storm has to have winds up to 74 mph to become a Hurricane.

This is still a dangerous storm as it may produce 3-6 inches of rain over the Southeast over the next 24 to 48 hours. Drought stricken areas may now become flood zones very quickly. Stay tund to your local NOAA Weather Radio, media outlets and of course us right here on Storm Watch America and Hurricane ALERT as we plan to go LIVE with this storm around Sunday night around 10pm edt as conditions warrent.

There is also the possibility of Tornadoes with this storm across GA and FL and southern SC. For the very latest on impacts on this story and continuing updates, please visit our NEW HURRICANE ALERT CENTER. Follow us on Twitter @channel1atlanta, and WATCH LIVE Coverage of this event as it unfolds! We will be providing the very latest weather infomation on this storm, watchs and warnings, local storm reports, storm chasers, live video from the coast, local tv and radio and much more! That’s all begining around Sunday night at 10pm edt ONLY from Channel 1 Atlanta!


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