ROCKSTAR! | Are u a up and coming artist,label,dj? Just let us know and we will feature u! Here’s how!



Are you a up and coming artist / record label / dj? Let US know and we may feature you for a future cover story here on “ROCKSTAR!”

What is “ROCKSTAR!” ? ROCKSTAR! is a page on our website that features up and coming artist, record labels, dj’s and more that are just starting out or have been out for a while. If we feature your story, it will appear here on our ROCKSTAR page. Lot’s of people could see your story! And you know it only takes 1 person to jump start your music!

We do this service for FREE! And it does NOT mean that your foot is in the door after we feature you. But, we do this this service in hopes to help people that are just starting out in music, jump start there music! There are alot of people in the music biz that follow us so you never know. These people are not only from local radio and tv stations across Atlanta, but around the World!

Here’s what to do— Send us your best pic of yourself, (keep your clothes on!) lol, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Where your from and where you want to go! Who inspires you, your history and your future! Do NOT send us any personel information about yourself. We don’t want that. We just want enough info to make a story about yourself and/or your company/org. You may include your website, twitter, facebook, google+, youtube, or any other page so people can see and hear your music! It can sing new or old country, pop, hip hop, gospel, rock or any other genre we really don’t care! And you don’t even have to sing! You may also just play an instrument solo! Bands are also welcome to submit!

You may send a brief summary about yourself and a pic to Channel 1 Atlanta to, or click the “CONTACT US” tab at the bottom of this page. When you send us this information, you are releasing this infomation to us to use on our website, Channel 1 Atlanta ROCKSTAR! and it will be re-used for a cover story of yourself and other promotion about yourself and promotion of our page ROCKSTAR!

Get your infomation to us today. Please Note: It may take some time for us to feature your story due to the volume of emails we receive, but if we like your story, we will feature it here asap!

Send this page to a friend today if you know someone who could use a little boost in there music! And comeback soon as we will be featuring more new ROCKSTAR!’s Who know’s you could be the next ROCKSTAR!

If you are a music director, producer or other that is looking for new music talent, please contact the people through their social sites, websites, emails or other contact information on their respective pages. Thank you.


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