Hurricane Sandy raises the dead on Tangier Island

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TANGIER ISLAND, Va. (WTKR) – Days after Hurricane Sandy churned the Chesapeake Bay and battered Tangier, Carol Moore went for a walk.

A part of Tangier Island, even at low tide, is barely above the waves. No one lives there, but it wasn’t always like that.

“A thriving community. My great grandfather owned a general store up here. And there was a school and a church,” says Carol.

A hurricane in the 1930s forced out the townspeople. They retreated to the main part of Tangier, leaving behind the artifacts of their lives. Time and tide washed them away, or buried them, until recently. Among the shells and the driftwood, Carol spotted bottles, a button and then bones.

“I was just walking along the shore and ran across five graves and three skeletons, a couple skulls and lots of bones,” says Carol.

This section of Tangier Island, already ravaged…

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