Looks like some major weather changes are headed our way beginning next week right into Christmas! Please note; we are looking at long range computer models right now so things may change. Right now it looks like the first change in the weather patterns will begin next week on Monday as a shot of cold air moves in from the north.

Right now it looks like we will see little (if any) Severe weather out of this system as most of the energy will move to our north, but some rain and maybe thunder is expected followed by some colder temps into next week; more normal for this time of year.

The next system will move into and across north and central Georgia next Thursday, bringing with it the best chance of rain I’ve seen for this area in a long time. Some of the rain maybe heavy south and west of Atlanta according to the latest computer model runs. Although heavy rain will be possible, I’m not looking for Severe Weather at this time but that may change so stay alert!

[DEC 18TH]
At or around this time, it looks like this storm system maybe one of the strongest we’ve seen so far this season. Although it’s still a long way away and things will change, right now already it looks like Severe weather maybe possible with this system here in the Atlanta , North GA area. Stay ALERT!!!

[DEC 15th- DEC 30th]
As several storm systems move into and across the southeast over the next several weeks, at this time, it appears that each system that plows into the southeast from the north will be stronger than the last. And… as each system moves through the area, it will continue to get colder, with highs possibly only in the 40s by mid to late Dec and lows in the 20s and 30s. As this happens, the chances for SNOW may increase with time! Stay ALERT!

David Dutton
Storm Watch America


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