smallredky0-009 CHANNEL 1 ATLANTA This is Channel 1 Atlanta on Twitter! Home of breaking news coverage across Atlanta, America, & the World! For everything Channel 1, follow us on Twitter today! This channel also updates you on the latest entertainment we provide. smallredky0-009 ab34122.jpg STORM WATCH ATLANTA Storm Watch Atlanta covers breaking weather news live as it happens across metro #Atlanta & all of Georgia! With live TORNADO WARNINGS! smallredky0-009 ab34122.jpg THE ATL SPORTS BAR Breaking sports news 24/7 for Atlanta, America, & the World! PLUS: Live sports ticker! smallredky0-009 ATL UNDER THE LIGHTS Live Georgia High School Football scores every Friday night during the season! smallredky0-009 TRAFFIC ALERT LIVE Live traffic alerts 24/7/365 for the Atlanta metro area! smallredky0-009 scr-3d-realistic-flag-screensaver-002 CHANNEL 1 AMERICA Channel 1 America provides breaking news live as it happens across America & in your area! smallredky0-009 ab34122.jpg STORM WATCH AMERICA Storm Watch America gives you live coverage of severe weather as it is happening right now across the country! PLUS: Instant TORNADO WARNINGS! smallredky0-009 earth_wallpaper-003 CHANNEL 1 WORLD Channel 1 World brings you live coverage of breaking news as it is happening from around the World 24/7 365! smallredky0-009 STORM WATCH WORLD Storm Watch World brings you LIVE weather alerts from around the world 24/7! PLUS: Updates on Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Space news & more! smallredky0-009 ab34122.jpg MISSING ALERT LIVE Home of breaking news about missing people across the USA, AMBER ALERT & more! smallredky0-009 ab34122.jpg WANTED ALERT LIVE Get live alerts on people that are WANTED by the law across the country!

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