Welcome to Channel 1 Atlanta. A Dutton Digital Media Network, the parent company to this site that has been creating & producing websites on the internet since 1997. And, broadcasting on the internet since 2008!

Channel 1 Atlanta is a Internet Broadcasting Station that provides 24 hour news coverage of breaking news and severe weather for Atlanta, America, & the World!
We bring you our own original stories, forecast, programming, and broadcast. Plus top news and weather from the most trusted sources all over the globe! So you won’t have to search all over for the news & weather. News comes to you so fast today. That’s why we created Channel 1 Atlanta and 20+ Networks for the “1” place to come to for All Things; Breaking News, Sports & the BEST Severe Weather Coverage on the planet!

Channel 1 Atlanta brings you the latest news the way it was meant to be! Just the facts with NO OPINIONS of our own but we welcome yours! We believe YOU are smart enough to make up your OWN opinions!

We are a non for profit website and internet only broadcasting station. We are not a TV or radio station.

There is so much more to Channel 1 Atlanta! Look around our website to find out what we are talking about!
Stay with us as this is only the beginning! We are working hard everyday to provide NEW Entertainment, News, and programming just for you! So if you get bored with us, check back later with us as we are sure you will find something NEW!

Thanks to all of you who post in our blogs, follow us on social media, watch our broadcast, follow us on You Tube, and enjoy the rest of everything else we have going out there on the internet today!

Please feel free to post any comments, or questions about our site.

Thanks you so much for stopping by,

David Dutton
Channel 1 Networks USA
Dutton Digital Media


[MARCH 1ST 2008]
>Created Channel 1 Atlanta. Website was created, along with You Tube, and online radio station debut on Stickcam.com playing today’s best music and all time favorites. David Dutton was also a DJ of a Saturday night music remix show from 830 pm to 1am. He also created a new show called “Rockstar” where he interviewed up and coming music talent. Coverage of breaking news and severe weather began.

[DECEMBER 28TH 2008]
>Channel 1 Atlanta joins Twitter.

[JANUARY 30TH 2011]
>Channel 1 Atlanta joins Ustream and leaves Stickam. Begins coverage of breaking news and severe weather only on Ustream and discontinues music format on online broadcast.

[MARCH 31ST 2011]
Channel 1 Atlanta website moves to WordPress.com

>Channel 1 Atlanta begins new online Top 10 Music countdown show on You Tube. Beginning as The Perfect 10,  later called Hot Beatz Top 10. This program is no longer available.

[July 1st 2013]
>Channel 1 Atlanta created 10 additional Networks including, Channel 1 America, Channel 1 World, Storm Watch America, Storm Watch Atlanta and more!

[May 13th 2014]
Channel 1 Atlanta created more networks including, Wanted ALERT Live, Storm Watch World, and more!

[October 22nd 2014]
channel1atlanta.com is created on WordPress site.

[November 16th 2014]
Channel 1 Atlanta created more networks including, Traffic ALERT USA, Channel 1 ET, Health ALERT Live, & Channel 1 Tech.

[January 1st 2016]

Channel 1 Atlanta, along with it’s other networks joins Periscope and leaves Ustream for internet broadcast.

[May 17th 2017]

Channel 1 Atlanta gives it’s networks an upgrade to provide better news and weather coverage on Twitter with new integrated news, weather and update graphics!



Have a news tip? Or just want to talk to us about our website or something else. Contact Us today!

You can email us @ channel1atlanta@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter @channel1atlanta


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