Things that go #Boom in the night in #Wisconsin


(CHANNEL 1 ATLANTA) [CLINTONVILLE, WS] [UPDATED: Monday 4/2/12 @ 1:50 am et]
Residents in the state of Wisconsin have not been able to sleep for days as a seris of “booms” have accured there this week. Residents say, the “boom” noise sounds like everything from a Tornado to a Furnace blowing up to a car crashing into a living room and the list goes on and on. Some things have been ruled out, according to a local geologist who says, that the noises may be caused by the resettling of Clintonville’s granite rock foundations, brought on by an especially low-water table.

A professor of Natural Science at Milwaukee Area Technical College thinks it might be nothing more than a symptom of the spring thaw.
City Administrator Lisa Kuss said it sounded like a jackhammer.
Cats and dogs didn’t know exactly what it was, of course, but they howled and meowed anyway.
911 in Clintonville recieved over 150 calls of the noise. The source of the racket? No one knows. Though they’re pretty sure what it wasn’t.

Earthquake? No. Methane gas? No. Wastewater? Nada. Change in water pressure? Nope. Mining, military missions or dynamiting in the area? Zip

Then around 3:30 a.m. all hell broke loose. The booms were coming one right after another. The cats were freaking out, tells one local resident.
David Hill, a seismologist and scientist emeritus for the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., has done research on mysterious booms and authored a paper on the subject. Reached by phone Monday afternoon, Hill wondered if it was ice breaking up on nearby lakes. But when told winter had left Wisconsin weeks ago, he admitted he was at a loss for an explanation.



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