UPDATE: Winner in World Record $640 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

(photo: wsbtv.com )

[UPDATE] 3:15 am et Sat 3/31/12
Someone in Maryland is very merry this morning as the winner of the biggest lottery jackpot in history was annouced. No name yet.

[UPDATE] 11:01 pm et Ffri 3/30/12
The winning #s are: 46-23-38-4-2 & powerball=23 x3

It’s a new world record! The largest lottery jackpot in history is just minutes from being draw tonight. Earlier today the jackpot was already at a record breaking $540 million. But this afternoon, the jackpot jumped to $640 million as millions across America and Atlanta stood in long lines to buy Mega Millions tickets.

Security is reported to be tight tonight at WSB Channel 2 in Atlanta where the drawing will be broadcast Live across the Nation @ 11pm et. More security, more auditors, and even more rattaled nerves are in place tonight as we all await the drawing. There is a report late tonight that there is only a 6% chance that no one will win tonights drawing. That’s a sure bet that you might win. However most odds favor against most of us, as reports say you have a better chance of getting struck by lightining, among other things than to win $640 million.

What would you do with $640 million? Please comment above and tell us! Good Luck!


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